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"Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms" - George Eliot


" Deserae provided outstanding, daily pet care for my dog for three years during the time that I lived in Southern WA. Deserae is professional and reliable and always focused on the well-being and safety of my dog.

In addition to the daily care and exercise Deserae provided my dog, she was successful in correcting behavioral issues that my dog exhibited from time to time. Deserae’s constant care and attention enabled my dog to become a better canine citizen. Further, Deserae was vigilant to the safety and security of my property. I highly recommend Deserae to those individuals who want the best care for their animals."

-Annette C.


"Monty’s Paws N Claws wa​s an epic experience for my dogs and cat. We have worked with Deserae for over 5 years and trusted her with our home and beloved pet family. Deserae was always very attentive to our pets needs, providing advise and recommendations when appropriate. Deserae was flexible when she could be and was always prompt and punctual for her visits. I highly recommend Deserae and can honestly say she has been the best pet service provider we have ever experienced."

-Kari H




"Deserae looked after our dogs over a period of 6 years. She is very knowledgeable with all aspect of animal care. In addition to walking our dogs, trimming their nails and cleaning ears, Deserae spends time during each visit training our dogs to basic verbal and hand commands. Our friends and neighbors were amazed with how well our dogs behaved! With the wealth of knowledge and experience that Deserae has, we highly recommend her."

-Bob C  

Bristol and Gemma

" A Very reliable and knowledgeable business. Deserae worked as a Vet Tech prior to opening her business, Monty's Paws N Claws. She's familiar with a wide variety of animals. She has taken care of my Brussel Griffon's for years. She has been here when they've been sick and she had to take them to the Vet. I cannot find one negative thing to say about this Business. One of my dogs was blind. Deserae came up with some really great ideas to make life better for Cadence. She goes well above and beyond any expectations I have of her. Do not hesitate to call this service. I have left my dogs for two and three weeks while I was working out of town. After the first couple of weeks when we all got to know each other I never had a worry, not even once"

-Marlene H


Sugar, Marmalade, Angelina



"Deserae has been taking care of my kitties for over 5rys. I found her as a recommendation from my Vet. She had been a Vet Tech for them and those skills are very handy. I trust Deserae completely. She always makes sure all the doors and windows are secure. She is thorough and thoughtful and documents each visit. She always makes play time with my kitties and makes sure they are well cared for. When I had a kitty on insulin she was diligent at making sure she had her shot on time and monitored her blood sugar. She is able and willing to handle emergencies if they arise. She has no problem with administering medications or caring for pets with special needs.  She goes above and beyond with her duties. She even filled my humming bird feeder, brought in the mail and took out the trash cans. I highly recommend Deserae for your Pet Sitting needs while you are away."

-Diane Johnson

-Marlene H

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