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Services Offered

All Prices range depending on Location, Number of Pets in Household and Medications to be given.

I am Licensed, Insured and Bonded


Initial Consultation: 

This required meeting will be scheduled at least one week in advance to any Cat Sitting/Dog walking /Basic Obedience Training Visits. At this visit we will go over the multiple visit options I provide to make sure we get the right fit for your Pet. We will also go over necessary paperwork, answer questions and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pet.


Dog Walking​


Basic Obedience Training

Cat Sitting​

Visit Options:  All Visits are specifically tailored to your Pets needs

1) Drop In Visit: 10 min   Price: $5-$10


2) Value Visit: 15 min   Price: $10-$15

3) Regular Visit: 30 min   Price: $15-$20

 4) Extended Visit: 45 min   Price: $20-$30

5) Hourly Visit: 60 min   Price: $30


6) Basic Obedience Dog Training: 60 min   Price: $25-$35

 (Please Contact for further Details)

All Visit Prices Include:

1) Mileage

2) Medications to be given: Oral Medications, Injectable Medications and SQ Fluids

3) Feeding for all pets in household and household chores that are requested

4) Pet waste removal 


Additional Services:​

Pet Taxi Services: (For Current Clients Only)

1) Food//Medication Pick-Up: $15

2) Veterinarian Appointment: $20/hr

A $5 fee will be charged for every 30min after the initial 1 hr

3) Emergency Visit: $30

Pet Grooming: (For Current Clients Only)

1) Basic Nail Trim: $6    

     Dremeling Nail Trim: $10

2) Anal Gland Expression: $10

3) Bath (All Baths include a nail trim)

* Small Dog: $10   * Medium Dog: $15    * Large Dog: $20    * Extra Large Dog: $30

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