Monty's Paws N Claws 

           Professional Pet Care Provider and Dog Walker  


Initial Consultation

At this visit we go over necessary paperwork, answer questions and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pet. This required meeting will be scheduled at least One week in advance of any Pet Sitting/Dog walking Visits.


                     Visit Options (Please Call for Prices)

1) Drop-In Visit: 10min

This visit can be nice for the elderly pets who might need a quick potty break during the day.


2) Value Visit: 15min

A good option if you know you're going to be working late. It can be used to feed and walk your pet before you come home. This visit can also be used to check up on your Feline/Exotic companions while you're away. 


3) Regular Visit: 30min

Good for walks around the neighborhood or just playing in the backyard


4) Extended Visit: 45min

Good option for multiple Pet Households, along with Pets who have special needs or are on Medications.

5) Hourly Visit: 60min

This option is great for extended walk/play time with your pet or multiple pet households.

All Visits Include: 

*Medications to be given. Which includes Insulin, SQ Fluids, Oral medications, and Injectable medications 

* Requested Basic Obedience Training with a Dog Walking visit

* Feeding for all pets in household

* Household chores that you have requested

* Pet waste removal which includes litter boxes, bird cages and reptile

  exhibits/fish tanks